Looking for veterinary services in Alamo?

Our highly trained and experienced staff is here to deliver excellent care within our expansive, state-of-the-art hospital. We offer:

Spacious examination rooms for your comfort


Customized preventative care programs for all ages and all budgets


Vaccines, parasite prevention, and screening tests to keep your pets healthy


Allergy testing and treatments to sooth itchy pets


Comprehensive Senior Care programs for older pets


Hospice care to ensure pain-free and comfort during the sunset of your pet’s life


Access to a network of specialists across all specialties when needed


A spacious surgical suite for a variety of procedures, including specialty surgery on-site when needed


High definition digital x-ray imaging


A full on-site diagnostic lab for fast results


Human-grade dental equipment and digital dental imaging


Convenient one stop on-site pharmacy


Online pharmacy for extended options and home delivery


Full line of prescription diets for support all of your pets’ needs


Appointments available for most pocket and exotic pets!


What Our Customers Say About Us

“Dr. Mangold is the greatest. The whole staff is wonderful. My dog loves going there!”

Ashley NairCustomer

“The Doctors and staff at Alamo Animal Hospital are wonderful. They are always friendly, professional, and really care about me and my pets.”

Lana HillingCustomer

“I have been going there for 23 years and they continue to impress me every time I visit. They're the best!”

Michael WilliamsCustomer